Use a car buying service like USAA's connection with TruCar if you can. It automatically knocks a few grand off the starting price at a dealer, and you can still negotiate down from there. I bought a brand-new 2014 Mustang GT a few years back and paid almost 7k off MSRP. I sold it last week and got my entire down… » 9/30/14 3:09pm 9/30/14 3:09pm

Took a midnight Greyhound from Richmond, VA to Raleigh, NC once. The clientele was rough and loud. About 2 hours into the trip, a woman in the back started shouting obscenities at the driver, and going on about how god was going to kill him, it was time to repent, and whatnot. » 9/03/14 7:37pm 9/03/14 7:37pm

Yeah my buddy is an M mechanic... I asked him about one of these for sale and his response was "run, do not walk, away from this car." He explained that there is a mandatory valve job at 120k miles or so, as well as the maintenance of the 6 individual throttle bodies. It's a masterpiece of engineering but it takes… » 7/17/14 9:32pm 7/17/14 9:32pm